Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How to use internet to learn Urdu?

The internet has created so much ease in our lives. These days it is possible to learn anything on the internet including all the languages of the world. The Urdu language too can easily be learned on the internet.
For learning written Urdu, it would be required to learn the Urdu alphabets first. For that, there are different resources on the internet. An extremely good free resource is the Omniglot website. It allows downloading of the alphabets, so that one is easily able to practice writing them.
For the spoken Urdu a good approach can be to memorize some trite Urdu phrases used in day-to-day matters. The Byki website is a great resource for that purpose. Once a person is proficient in the use of the phrases learnt from the Byki website, he or she can proceed to the website of the Syracuse University.
The website of the Syracuse University is a good resource for free downloadable work sheets and practice exercises for advance Urdu. This website is beneficial for both, the written and the spoken Urdu.
Another way to practice spoken Urdu is to register in an online language program. In an Urdu language program, you will be tied with a native Urdu speaker who will teach you Urdu language by the aid of emailing, chatting, or text messages. Any or all of these learning mediums can be chosen and the timings are very flexible.
In fact, it is very easy to learn Urdu online. The learning would be fast and free.


Sadia Altaf said...

Asslamualikum Author

Recently I visit your blog. You have great work on urdu language.
I would like to read more, keep it up.

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